Vettel criticises Mercedes and Red Bull for treatment given to second driver – “I am not a fan of it”

Sebastian Vettel disapproved of teammate support in F1, and suggested that every driver race for themselves.

F1 is a team sport, and a driver pair has to give equal importance to the goals of self and team. In recent times however, there have been many instances of one driver being sacrificed to benefit the other.

While that is done under the justification of prioritising the team, it becomes a case of backing one driver over the other. Fans have always been against such a scenario, but the sport is gradually evolving towards that.

The sport has witnessed many such instances. From Michael Schumacher’s unselfish teammate all the way to Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, (one-sided) teamwork really makes the dream work.

Vettel disapproved of teammate support in F1, saying that he prefers drivers being the masters of their own destinies.

“Mark (Webber) was obviously in the title fights as well, and I don’t know how it is if the other guy supports you or the team has a very clear role,” he said, as quoted by Planet F1.

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“(At Red Bull), it never got to that point. We were too close, I guess, in terms of points and it was never that clear that it was only one car, one driver in the second half of the season.”

Fight your own battles

Vettel explained that he wasn’t hugely fond of drivers aiding their teammates, or indeed teams using one driver to help the other.

“In general, I am not a big fan of devoting the second driver just to help, which I don’t think is currently the case,” he continued.

“Maybe it is a little bit hyped but I think everybody should race for his own race and you should fight for your own championship.”

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