Big name from outside the sport defends Vettel – “Reasons both at Ferrari and Aston Martin”

Sebastian Vettel is one of the biggest names in terms of drivers in the history of Formula 1 with four world titles to his name. But today, many claim that he is past his prime and can no longer drive like he used to.

However, he has found support in Rally champion Walter Rohrl who stepped up to defend the Aston Martin driver. Rohrl believes that the German still has what it takes to come out on the top.

In 2020, Vettel finished his season with Ferrari in the 13th spot in the drivers’ standings earning only 33 points. But now that he is with Aston Martin, he has a chance to redeem all that was lost.

The debut race did not go as planned though for the Silverstone-based team. A grid penalty made him start last and to top that he had also earned a 10 second penalty because of his crash with Ocon.

Rohrl, in Vettel’s defence said, “Such a talent has not forgotten how to drive. There must be reasons, both at Ferrari and now at Aston Martin, why things didn’t go that way.

“Sebastian has not forgotten how to drive one hundred percent.

“I see the team’s duty to help him. With the right material, he can still win races and titles. There is no doubt about that. His critics should be aware of this.”

Ralf Schumacher however had a completely different standing on the whole issue.

“He has to step on the gas now,” he said.

“The whining that he doesn’t feel the car has to stop. Nobody cares about that, and after all, we’re in Formula 1 here and he’s also earning a lot of money.”

“At the end of the day, Sebastian is an experienced racing driver and a multiple world champion. He has to clean up with his team-mate now and the rest will come on its own even if the Aston Martin doesn’t turn into a winning car this year,” he concluded.

Does Vettel have what it takes to prove that he still stands tall in F1? Let us know in the comments below!

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