Vettel reveals Ferrari secret despite strict team orders

The Netflix docuseries titled Drive to Survive is extremely popular among Formula 1 fans. The latest season, launched ahead of the 2021 season, has also added to the excitement among fans.

While the show has plenty of exciting moments, the directors have also ensured that it contains plenty of comic relief.

Racing for Ferrari last year, Sebastian Vettel had such a moment on the show. He already knew by this time that his future at the team was unlikely to last long. As a result of this, he decided to divulge some secrets.

Ferrari is seen conducting a Q&A session between fans and drivers Vettel and Charles Leclerc early on. A curious fan asked Leclerc when he would launch his own clothing line.

Leclerc is seen a bit uncomfortable and looks to avoid the question. However, Vettel felt obliged to enter the conversation.

The team had apparently prohibited its drivers from answering this question, but Vettel chose to ignore these instructions.

“Ah. He’s not allowed! That’s why it is not happening. Because we have a partner (points to Puma logo). So he was told off,” Vettel said.

“I’m not supposed to say that. But I’m leaving at the end of the year, so I can say what I want, you know?”

It was a heart-warming moment, especially given the rough season Vettel had had.

While his stint at Ferrari would soon be up at the end of the season, Aston Martin has offered him the chance of fighting it out in another competitive car.

While testing has not gone exactly the way he would’ve wanted, having clocked the least number of laps through the three days, Vettel will be keen to show all his doubters that he isn’t quite done yet.

Do you think he can turn his fortunes around this year?

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