How much is Vito Giovinazzi worth in 2021?

Vito Giovinazzi, Antonio’s father, claimed that they had previously discussed becoming Silver Arrows’ third driver with Toto Wolff, but he declined due to his passion for Ferrari.

Antonio Giovinazzi, an Alfa Romeo driver, made his Formula One debut in 2017. At the Australian Grand Prix, the Italian took over for injured Sauber driver Pascal Wehrlein.

On his debut, Giovinazzi finished P12, attracting the attention of Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, who thanked him after the race.

Despite the fact that this was not the first time the Austrian had praised Antonio Giovinazzi’s abilities. Toto Wolff had previously offered the Italian a third driver post as well as a DTM seat at Silver Arrows.

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Antonio Giovinazzi has been a regular on the Formula One grid since 2019, driving for Alfa Romeo. The Italian is a Ferrari team member, but things could have gone very differently.

Since 2016, Giovinazzi has been a part of the Ferrari program. The Alfa Romeo driver might also make his debut in 2017 through Ferrari.

Pascal Wehrlein, a regular driver, did not compete in the first two races of 2017 because he was still recovering from an injury. Giovinazzi stepped in and did a fantastic job.

Vito Giovinazzi early life and career

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Vito Giovinazzi acknowledges that they turned down a Mercedes offer because of Antonio’s “Red Heart.”

“He joined Ferrari at the end of 2016 after having negotiated with Sergio Marchionne.

“At the start of the World Championship in Melbourne in 2017, Maurizio Arrivabene told him that he would be on the track with Sauber as a replacement for Pascal Wehrlein,” said Vito Giovanazzi 

He added, “In Australia, my son finished 12th and it was a great result, so much so that even Toto Wolff complimented us.

“Before signing with Ferrari, Toto himself called us to offer us a contract with his Mercedes: Antonio should have been the third driver in Stuttgart in the Circus and the official one in the Dtm. But he has a “red” heart and he made the choice he felt.”

Vito doubting his and his team’s future in F1

Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur admitted a few days ago that Antonio is now mature and no longer needs Raikkonen as an example for his development, and that he can take over as team leader from Kimi.

The father of Antonio Giovinazzi agrees with Alfa Romeo’s team principal.

“I agree with him. The comparison now for Antonio is with himself, being a ready rider. Indeed, I say more: for me, he is still at 80% of his potential.

“He can still grow a lot and in the meantime, he wants to overtake Kimi in the drivers’ standings this year,” he said.

“If he keeps driving like this and if luck and strategy are on his side, I think he can do it. The qualifying at Imola, the wrong pit-stops in Bahrain and Barcelona, the traffic at Monte Carlo: he could have had 10 points in the Championship by now.”

Like most other drivers in the midfield, Giovinazzi is under continual pressure to keep his place, though Alfa Romeo’s connection to the Ferrari Driver Academy means that the rivalry for his seat is even more intense.

His father, on the other hand, informed him that he intends to stay in Formula 1 for the long haul, with the objective of one day driving a car capable of winning the championship.

Hopefully, that team is Ferrari, but no one is out of the running.

“To stay in F1 for many years,” said Vito of his son’s ambitions.

“He is very happy at Alfa Romeo now, but in his heart he dreams of driving a car that can fight for the Championship. Antonio always tells me that he would like to do it with Ferrari, but the door should not be closed to anyone.”

How much is Vito Giovinazzi worth in 2021?

Vito Giovinazzi, Antonio Giovinazzi’s father, in addition, as an Independent Director at Provident Services Inc, he earns $174,987.

Giovinazzi holds over 12,114 units of Provident Services Inc stock worth $2,249,464 and has sold over $192,528 in PFS stock over the previous 13 years.

Vito Giovinazzi, the father of Italian racing driver Antonio Giovinazzi, is a sales manager at DB Schenker and was employed by Top-kart in Karting.

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