“Wants to make his dad proud”: Steiner reveals why Mick spends countless hours honing his skills

F2 world champion Mick Schumacher has got an early taste of just how big a step up it is in Formula 1. With back-to-back P16 finishes, he has had little to write home about.

However, it would be wrong to put the entire blame on him for his performance considering the fact that he is driving what seems to be the worst car on the grid.

He is also competing for a team that is on the bottom of the grid. However, this has not dampened his spirit, nor has it dented his dream of becoming a future world champion.

Like many times in the past, Haas team boss Guenther Steiner once again had only positive things to say about the rookie. He claimed that Mick puts in the extra effort because what matters most to him is making his father Michael Schumacher proud.

“He is very hardworking and focused. It’s nice to see that he really wants it. Mick doesn’t just do it because his father was seven times world champion. He wants to become world champion himself. And he works hard for it,” Steiner said.

“He doesn’t just take advantage of his name just to be there. He wants his father to be proud of him.”

Mick’s journey in Formula 1 has only just begun. Maybe he will soon get the opportunity to mix it up at the front-end of the grid. But for now, he will have to do with what is on offer to him.

While it is unlikely that he will score points in Portugal, it is not impossible.

Formula 1 can be a surprising sport. Maybe he could keep his car on track and the other drivers will end up suffering DNFs. He could just manage to steal some points.

But with modest expectations, he just aims to beat his teammate Nikita Mazepin for now.

Do you think Mick will be able to score points? Let us know in the comments below!

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