“Was a pointless exercise”: Lewis Hamilton reveals strategies that ‘never worked’ for him

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he does use the Formula 1 simulator. Even with simulator technology getting closer to the real deal, Hamilton has no interest in it.

“I hardly ever drive on the simulator. I maybe do 20 laps a year, maybe. I have no interest in the simulator,” he said.

Another strategy that various teams engage in on Thursdays is the trackwalk.

This technique is to help drivers and teams mark any new changes made to the circuit like new kerbstones.

However, Hamilton does not like to participate in this too.

“I used to walk the track when I was younger. But what I’ve discovered is that for me, it was a pointless exercise,” Hamilton revealed.

“It’s a lot different when you approach it at high speed.

“So what I found was that it was just wasting energy; my weekend’s all about keeping energy and maintaining it so I can do the job,” Hamilton says.

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