WATCH: Hamilton reveals yet another hidden talent, this time in the comfort of his room

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is a supremely gifted individual. While most of us struggle to excel in a single field, Hamilton is not only a seven-time world champion in F1, but he has a range of other talents as well.

Going by the name XNDA, Hamilton has rapped alongside the likes of Christina Aguilera in the past. Apart from that, he has also helped Tommy Hilfiger in terms of fashion designing and serves the role of global ambassador for the brand.

Few knew it till now, but it appears he is also a rather good guitarist. He chose to opt for a soulful melody on the guitar which left his fans in a state of ecstasy.

You can listen to it here for yourselves.

This might be the most difficult season for Hamilton in recent years.

The British driver has been dominant ever since making the switch to Mercedes all those years ago, winning in all but one year while competing for the Silver Arrows.

His sights will be set on an eighth F1 world championship, which will make him the best driver the sport has seen, statistically speaking.

He currently stands tied on seven titles alongside the legendary German driver Michael Schumacher.

Do you believe it will be smooth sailing for him this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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