WATCH: Norris laughs at the expense of Sainz garage spin

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris were phenomenal last year, helping McLaren to a P3 finish in the final constructors’ standings.

Much has changed since then, with Sainz joining Ferrari for the upcoming season. However, he has not been forgotten at the McLaren garage, with the team discussing his spin during his early days.

Norris spoke about this in a video, while McLaren boss Zak brown was quick to point out that Norris had had his fair share of incidents as well.

Norris decided to explain the entire incident to Brown, struggling to control his laughter.

“He spun in the pitlane. Spun in front of the other team, drove the wrong way. I think I have it on camera.”

Brown was quick to cut Norris short.

“It was almost as good as your bike stunt in the garage,” he said.

Almost as if he was expecting that, Norris said, “I’ve never taken a bike in the garage since then.”

McLaren has decided to renew its partnership with Mercedes for the upcoming season.

Norris believes it could be a very fruitful partnership based on what he has seen so far.

“I think altogether it’s been a smooth operation with Mercedes power so far. I think we’re happy with how things have gone.

“The bit for me is understand all the new switches and ways of working that they have – that’s one of the biggest things to get used to – and on the whole it’s that little step forward in a lot of areas.” 

There is only so much you should read into pre-season form, with many teams making considerable changes coming into race week or even hiding their own potential during this period.

A P3 finish will be high on the agenda of McLaren. Do you believe they will achieve this result, or could they potentially even challenge for the championship?

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