WATCH: Verstappen runs arm against Hamilton following frustrating qualifying performance

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was left far from impressed after ending the qualifying session in third position at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

His new teammate Sergio Perez ended up in second position, becoming the first Red Bull driver in a considerable period of time to end ahead of Verstappen.

The Mexican driver will now start in the front row alongside Hamilton.

Daniel Ricciardo was the last person to beat Verstappen as a teammate.

It was believed that Verstappen would provide the biggest test for Hamilton in Imola, but eventually, Perez put on a show that will come as a surprise to many. It is not that Perez is not a driver of huge quality, but he has only just signed for Red Bull.

Perhaps he was right all along when he said that the fact that he has changed a number of teams means he is better equipped to settle down faster.

The qualification period ended with all three drivers asked about their thoughts following the event. Verstappen was clearly far from impressed.

The youngster ran his arm into Hamilton, rather than walking around the Brit.

Hamilton registered pole position for the 99th time in his career.

Do you think Perez will provide a bigger challenge to Hamilton? Let us know in the comments below!

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