“We are finalising the details”: Historic moment imminent at British Grand Prix

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has revealed that the governing body of the sport is closing in on an announcement regarding sprint races that are set to take place this season.

Domenicali has already explained the idea behind sprint races. In an attempt to make all days of a race weekend interesting and to get greater engagement from fans, sprint races are going to be introduced.

All teams are believed to be in agreement over these plans, but the logistics and cost involved are yet to be set in stone.

The budget cap that has been introduced this season to make it a more level playing field for all teams involved sits at $145 million.

Sprint races increase the risk for each team and a considerable amount of money could be needed for car repairs.

This would become rather tricky in the current budget. The governing body has kept this in mind and is looking at a figure that will allow teams to be competitive and yet not see the powerhouses dominate due to financial might.

Domenicali said an announcement should be expected before the race in Imola.

“We are finalising the final details and the goal is to have it wrapped up by Imola,” Domenicali said.

“What we would like to try is to have a more intense weekend where we have an hour of practice and qualifying on Friday that would decide the grid for the sprint race, which would then decide the grid for the race on Sunday.

“This would generate more interest which is something that was asked by organizers and TV rights holders.”

The Canadian Grand Prix was going to be the first venue to trial this sprint race, but Domenicali has confirmed that this is now likely to take place at the British Grand Prix.

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