“We keep talking but nothing is fixed”: Potential Porsche-Red Bull partnership?

Volkswagen has been rumoured to enter the sport for a number of years now. Now, one of its subsidiaries, Porsche, is believed to be keen on entering a partnership with Red Bull.

Speaking on ‘ServusTV’, team advisor Helmut Marko refused to deny or confirm these rumours.

“We keep talking. But nothing is fixed,” he said.

Red Bull is believed to be in contact with a number of companies over a potential collaboration. They have even held brief discussions with Mercedes.

Volkswagen has been keen on the sport for a while now, especially after FIA made its regulations more flexible. Either one of its subsidiares could look to enter the sport including Audi, Lamborghini, or Porsche.

A BBC report claimed that Williams and McLaren could also act as potential partners for Volkswagen. However, it is believed that the team is closest to finalising a deal with Red Bull.

Interestingly, Dietrich Mateschitz, Helmut Marko and Fritz Enzinger, the three men who hold significant positions as far as this move is concerned, are all Styrian. It does make it a tad easier when you’re of the same nationality in this sport, or perhaps any for that matter.

Red Bull becoming an engine manufacturer has heavily tilted the scales in its favour. This could be what eventually sways Volkswagen towards Red Bull.

“The equipment is such that we will not only be able to carry out the maintenance of our engines ourselves from 2022, but we will also have the technical options to be able to develop a new engine ourselves,” said Marko.

The new regulations that will come into effect following 2025 are set to make operational costs a lot cheaper in F1.

Apart from this, elements such as e-fuel and e-turbo will be environmentally friendly, which will play into the interest of Volkswagen.

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