“We need to have that conversation”: Hamilton seeks more from F1 hierarchy and competitors

Formula 1 felt the full effects of the Black Lives Matter movement last year, with Lewis Hamilton playing a leading role in this respect.

However, the Mercedes driver felt that there was a serious lack of support with regard to how the movement was being conducted.

F1 tried to do its part in the midst of a sport where Hamilton is the only black driver on the grid. It released the slogan, #WeRaceAsOne and a few drivers were also seen taking a knee before every race in the Grand Prix alongside Hamilton.

However, nothing really changed as a result of that.

New F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali held a meeting with drivers this year, educating them on their social responsibility, especially since they are now reputed figures in society.

However, this is not enough for Hamilton. Slogans are important, but will do little to change things unless actions are taken as well, according to Hamilton.

“Stefano has taken the time to sit with us all and be open in terms of having this discussion of how we can work together to improve the sport,” Hamilton said.

“We didn’t really necessarily have much of a discussion about [the pre-race messaging]. They explained to us their plans, and we can go back to them.”

Hamilton was optimistic that F1 and FIA would play a bigger role in spreading the message this year compared to last season.

“It wasn’t that everything had to be done there on the spot, but they are making some adjustments, which I think are positive. Last year there were a lot of slogans.”

“Obviously ‘We Race As One’, but the action is needed this year. That was something that was spoken to us and was expressed to us. That’s really what we’ve got to make sure [of], that we continue to have that conversation.

“Continue to make sure that action is taken this year as we continue to push for diversity inclusion within this sport. I think we’re all aligned with that goal of achieving that together.”

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