Weathering the storm: Analysing Floyd Mayweather and the legacy he has left behind

Imagine you are a Youtuber, and a hated one at that. You have been at the centre of countless controversies, and know people would PAY to see you get punched by literally anyone on the planet. You also happen to be a self-proclaimed good boxer, despite failing to beat KSI in a boxing match.

So when said Youtuber asks someone to box him in an exhibition match, everybody roots for his opponent. But when the opponent happens to be THE greatest boxer in history, you and your ego are just asking for it. Imagine getting said boxer to come out of retirement and teach your face a lesson or two. How big of a prat do you have to be to do that?

Apparently, the opponent doesn’t mind too much. It is worth noting that many fans do not like him as well. But the Youtuber is so hated that if you pit COVID-19 against him, chances are people would root for the virus.

So come June 6, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. will take on YouTube sensation Logan Paul. What do you know, Floyd might be unanimously cheered for the first time in his career. Your writer won’t predict the match result, but he will say this – there are only few things in life that are certain; death, taxes and Mayweather extending his undefeated streak. Do with that as you will.

Floyd Mayweather files $122.6M lawsuit against company for failing to bring  Logan Paul fight to Dubai: report | Fox News
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An undefeated streak may end one day or another. But what makes Mayweather one of the greatest athletes ever is that his is here to stay. Currently at 50 wins and zero losses, his boxing record is elite. His record is the longest active unbeaten streak in professional boxing history. He has fifteen major titles to his name, and has beaten some big names in the fighting business.

Here comes the money

Born to a boxer father and raised in a family of boxers, Mayweather’s destiny was always intertwined with the boxing ring. He came from a poor background, and had a rough childhood. Fast forward to this point in his life, and he rolls in the money. He earned his moniker, ‘Money’, literally and figuratively.

Mayweather is one of the most lucrative pay-per-view attractions in sporting history, not just in boxing. Forbes and Sports Illustrated listed him as the highest–paid athlete in the world multiple times over the years. Throughout his career, Mayweather has overseen around 24 million PPV buys and generated $1.67 billion. Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor can’t hold a candle to his star.

An unfortunate reality of sport is that the best often have a large share of detractors. Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic, Lionel Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo, the list goes on. Mayweather is no different, in fact, he may be one of the most vilified athletes in the world. He has been involved in a few controversies outside of boxing, which obviously lessened his appeal to fans.

Result efficiency

From a sporting perspective, however, people hate him because of his style. Mayweather is a defensive boxer, which means his style of boxing is weathering the initial barrage of attack and picking his spots.

It is a brilliant strategy, yet it is dismissed as boring and unappealing by boxing fans. Everyone wants to see quick knockouts and/or blistering exchanges of blows for 12 rounds. By contrast, Mayweather’s approach does not sit well with many.

But while his haters laugh at his methodical approach to boxing, he laughs at them with his success (and his back account). All ‘Pretty Boy’ has to do is point to his results, and there isn’t a single blemish in his professional boxing career.

It’s not even a complete stat-pad either. He has conquered some fantastic boxers and fighters en route to 50 wins. Manny Pacquiao, Diego Corrales, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto and even Conor McGregor are all names he has checked as defeated.

Take the latter’s case. Conor McGregor came into the fight with Mayweather fully backed by the crowd and his reputation in the UFC. He actually gave Mayweather some problems in the first few round.

But, Floyd was merely using the over-zealousness of his opponent to his advantage. By allowing him to expend his energy and explosiveness early, Mayweather wore him down.

Towards the middle of the fight, an exhausted McGregor faced a relatively fresh Mayweather, whose technical mastery and defensive style worked yet again. By the end, McGregor had nothing left in the tank, and Mayweather notched win #50.

Unmatched legacy

Mayweather was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, joining the class of 2021. He is not just a boxing legend, but a sporting legend. His career is simply flawless, and his draw and pulling power speak for themselves.

Mayweather pulls the strings of the box office like no one else can. Fans either come to see him put on a masterclass and win again, or in the hopes that someone would snap his unbeaten streak.

Either way, people pay to see him, and anything he is part of instantly has more eyeballs on it. What’s more, he also makes sure people are entertained. His wrestling match with WWE’s Big Show, for example, is hailed as one of the best celebrity matches in the history of the promotion.

So when a hapless dolt like Logan Paul tries to provoke Mayweather into coming out of retirement, you can only laugh at him. The Youtuber will fight Mayweather in a few weeks, and it will be nothing short of epic.

This could be the last time we see Mayweather in action. Of course seeing him punch the lights out of the annoying online presence would be a massively entertaining affair. But if this is the fight he picks to retire from boxing for good, he will leave behind a legacy that is and will be unmatched.

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Floyd Mayweather faces Logan Paul in an exhibition match on June 6. Source:

Mayweather is the best fighter of his generation and one of the greatest ever. He is a champion and a serial winner, and has cemented his name as a sporting icon.

There will of course be many who dismiss his greatness, and bring up arguments against his career. But hey, in a sport where greatness and status are on the line every single bout, Mayweather has done pretty well for himself.

And yes, your writer did mention he wouldn’t make predictions. But if Paul is living with the idea that he can be the one to end Mayweather’s streak, he is the most deluded person in the world this side of a flat-earther.

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