What sport should you choose to pursue based on your personality?

Have you ever found yourself in the wrong activity? At school or college, we all have subjects that we love and those that we hate. You enjoy your math class and hate your English class or vice versa. Some people enjoy biology classes but can’t stand geography classes. It generally comes down to whether you are good at something or not. 

If you are good at something, you love it. If you’re not, you hate it. In case you are passionate about literature or creative writing, you surely enjoy writing essays on your own. And someone who doesn’t like those subjects is more likely to find a paper writing service online, feeling safe that their essay is in the hands of professionals. 

So, are things that simple? But how can one figure out whether they are going to be good at anything? Should it always go through trying something only to understand that you’ve just wasted your time on something that you don’t enjoy? And wasting time is the worst thing that can happen to you. 

Let’s take sports as an example. When choosing which sport to go in, you can check all of them out before deciding the one you like best. You can also consider things you’re skilled at to determine which activity suits you best. 

How to find out what suits you best

If you take an online quiz on which sport to choose, most likely, they will offer you questions like:

  • Which part of your body is the strongest?
  • Do you prefer running or swimming?
  • Do you enjoy hitting the ball?
  • How often are you willing to train?
  • To which sports legend do you feel the kinship?

While all that may give you a hint as to which sport to choose, you may have the strongest arms and still not enjoy volleyball.

You may be a fan of Michael Jordan and not enjoy basketball. So, how to pick a sport that will be perfect for you? While it may sound surprising, you can pick a sport based on your personality. Let’s check out how it works. 


If you are a confident individualist, you might like individual sports, be it tennis or running a marathon. Most likely, you’re good at things that demand concentration and strong nerves. You prefer to train alone and show the results that will surely surprise everyone. Although, your ultimate goal is to perfect your skills and prove to yourself that you can do it. 

Being an individualist doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in team sports. But being a team member generally leads to problems. Firstly, you find it hard to trust other members. They might also find it difficult to trust you. Besides, you are inclined to try and take games into your hands, which rarely results in good relationships with team members. 

All in all, if you are a confident individualist, you should opt for playing solo. And in case you still want to join team sports, you need to work hard on your personality. It can work as an interesting experiment, but you might often feel like a fish out of water. After all, your natural habitat is individual sports. 

Social Engagement

If you are more into social engagement, you should definitely try your hand at team sports. But that doesn’t necessarily mean football, baseball, or basketball. There’s one trick with social engagement: it doesn’t always go hand in hand with competitiveness. You enjoy being part of a team, but the pressure of trying to win over another team can be too stressful for you. 

So, you prefer being in the team, but you don’t enjoy competing with someone else… This sounds like there’s no sport for you. But that’s absolutely wrong. After all, not all sports are that competitive. You should surely try hiking and climbing. Those sports are more about being part of the community and less about competition. And it’s a perfect option for you. 

But you should also be aware of the risks related to your personality. As you believe in the community, you are more inclined to think that hard work is more important than talent. Thus, you generally push yourself to extremes when it comes to training. It is actually great but often can lead to burnout. So, do work hard but be cautious and know your limits. 

Constant Improvement

Do you feel like you need to improve your skills in whatever you got involved in? Is constantly mastering your performance what you are looking for? Well, then constant improvement is part of your personality. And you have way too many options to choose from. Basically, whatever sport you choose, you are going to push yourself to the limits to get the best results. 

Still, the most suitable option for you is combat sports. You prefer to perfect your skills and keep your stress to yourself. And any combat sport is the best way to release your inner stress and tension. You can go into the box or martial arts, and that would be the best sport to choose. But options don’t end up there. 

With a personality like that, you may find it difficult to be a team member. You prefer to master your strategy and think about everything thoroughly. So, quick reactions under stress are surely not your idea of a dish. 

Yet, don’t forget that your personality constantly pushes you to do better. This is the key to your success in any sport. Your main goal is a continuous personal evolution. Thus, despite finding it difficult in the beginning, you may end up being the main asset of your team. 

Final Thoughts

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So, most likely, you have one of the personalities mentioned above. Think about which one describes you the best, and it will help you understand the sports to go in.

If you think a bit deeper, it can help you decide on other activities and subjects to try out. You can pick your career path based on your personality. This way, you surely won’t regret your decision.

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