“When I see him, it’s on”: Drakkar Klose wants to take fight with Jeremy Stephens to the ‘streets’

During his UFC Vegas 24 co-main event staredown, Drakkar Klose suffered whiplash and was deemed medically unfit earlier this month in Vegas. This was the work of lightweight veteran Jeremy Stephens, who two-handed Klose, giving him a concussion in the process.

That seemed to anger Klose, who wanted street justice.

“I kind of want to get street justice on him. If I see him, I swear, I’m gonna get him,” Klose told MMA Fighting.

“I was at my weakest point, cutting weight, and that was a cheap shot. I had my hands behind my back. Dude, that’s something you do when you’re afraid, they do cheap shots. And that’s what I feel he did.” he said.

However, Stephens had a whole different story on the entire situation.

“Dramas Klose just got a little too close, with aggressive behavior walking up knowing we about to fight,” the former featherweight wrote on Instagram. “I just have zero tolerance for that type of disrespect.”

Klose could not seem to get over his anger for Stephens.

“I think they’re gonna come to Phoenix, and I hope it’s in July or August because I should be good around there and I hope the UFC books this again because I’m gonna put some pain on him,” Klose continued.

“I’m gonna make that ref pull me off and I’m still gonna hit him. I’m just pissed about the whole situation. It sucks, and he’s praised for it. I don’t like that. But when I see him, it’s on. Every time I see him, I’m gonna fight him,” he concluded.

UFC President Dana White has put the blame on matchmaker Sean Shelby for the injury. He went on to say that a ‘savage’ like Stephens needs to be kept on a short leash.

There is no word from matchmakers on the rescheduling of this fight.

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