“When you’ve been holding a fart in on a date”: Hamilton trolls Perez’s facial expressions

Lewis Hamilton is known for sharing content on social media that is often related to a cause that he supports. But occasionally, the driver riles up the internet by posting funny content that leave his fans in splits.

The seven time world champion recently took to Instagram and posted a hilarious story using a video of Sergio Perez who is seen working out.

Using a witty quote, he compared the workout to a scenario one might face on a date. The caption was very well structured and left nothing to the imagination.

“That moment when you’ve been holding one in on a date. And she finally leaves. And you let it go. Sorry, Sergio Perez, had to do it,” it read.

Perez had shared his original video weeks ago where he showed the amount of labour and dedication it takes to practice for a race.

This trend began when Pierre Gasly posted a video of himself prepping for the 2021 Formula 1 season.


The intensity of the workout is clear from the facial expressions and this video is a true testament at Formula 1 being one of the toughest sport one can participate in.

This is not the first time Hamilton has posted funny content on social media. There was a phase where he created laugh riots for his fans.

Back in 2018, Hamilton posted an amazing video featuring Will Smith. In the video, Will ‘hijacks’ Hamilton’s car ahead of the final race weekend in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton had already won the championship and there was nothing for him in the final race.


The act showed Will wanting to fill in for Hamilton at the race but the latter denies. So, Will is forced to tie Hamilton to a chair and takes his Mercedes W09 for a spin.

These occasional posts from Hamilton are like a breath of fresh air for his fans as he has mainly been posting about global issues these days.

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