“Where is my wife’s car, bro”: Beneil Dariush requests Elon Musk to do the needful

Beneil Dariush secured a spot in the top-tier of the UFC lightweight division by defeating Tony Ferguson, who was ranked sixth in the co-main event of UFC 262.

Although it took Dariush 20 fights in the UFC to establish himself as a legitimate threat, the first person he mentioned after defeating Ferguson was not even a fighter.

Dariush made an unlikely move by publicly criticising Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

“Joe, [I] want to call out your buddy Elon! Elon Musk! Where is my wife’s car, bro?! I have been waiting for six months! I’m having a baby. I need a big car, I need to protect my daughter. Let’s go, Elon, get me my car,” he said.

Dariush seems to be solely concerned with his family’s well-being. What better place to air customer grievances than at one of the world’s largest mixed martial arts event?

What are Beneil Dariush’s future plans?

Dariush said before his fight with Ferguson that if he wanted to win, he would have to remain one step ahead of ‘El Cucuy.’ The recent UFC 262 co-main event winner went ahead and did just that.

Dariush was incredibly precise and careful while still applying constant pressure. On the deck, he dominated Tony Ferguson with solid hooks and refined BJJ fundamentals.

Beneil also set himself up for a possible submission win by locking in a heel hook. He said he heard Tony Ferguson’s knee pop out of the submission because it was too close.

Anyone other than Ferguson would almost certainly have tapped due to the obvious pain caused by the door. Ferguson, according to Dariush, was a zombie for having endured the agony.

Dariush showed a comprehensive and disciplined fighting style to win by unanimous decision. He specified that he wanted to participate in a title eliminator next.

The fighter will now take a break from the octagon to spend time with his daughter, who might arrive any day now.

The winner of UFC 262’s co-main event anticipates a return around the end of the year.

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