“Whether that’s fighting as teammates or different teams”: Russell names his two future rivals

Lewis Hamilton has been synonymous with Formula 1 for a while, but people suspect he will not be around in F1 for much longer. One can only guess the names of the new batch of top drivers. George Russell seems to know who they will be.

The Williams driver has revealed the names of two drivers who will take place of Hamilton according to him. He even goes on to say that they will be his biggest competitors in the future.

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, in his opinion, are the top drivers of the future.

“They’re the two I suspect will be at the top in the future. So I look forward to that challenge whether that’s fighting against them in different cars or whether that’s fighting against each other as teammates,” he said.

The Brit has admiration for both these drivers.

“Max in this past year-and-a-half, two years, has really come into another level, to be honest. I think that has been a factor of firstly being an incredible driver, but being in the same team, just that consistency is something that just naturally comes along.” he goes on to say.

“Charles is only in his third season now with Ferrari, I still think it takes a bit of time for all of these small updates to be directed in a way that will suit you personally as a driver.

“But they’re both absolutely incredible drivers and they’re going to be able top of this for the coming 10 years.”

Both Leclerc and Verstappen have been performing consistently. But the same cannot be said about Russell. Many believe that it is because of him not having a powerful enough car.

Russell had a spectacular race in Bahrain last year where he deputised for Hamilton in a Mercedes. His performance gave a glimpse of his skill in driving a high-end machine.

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