Who might win the World Series in 2022?

Baseball is one of the most popular sports on the planet and has millions of fans who follow its every move. Whether it is the hard-hitting action, fast pitches or constant off-field drama, baseball really is a sport with lots to love.

While this is true for leagues in places such as Japan, it is still the MLB in North America which picks up most of the headlines.

Of course, all keen baseball fans will know that the 2022 MLB season is now underway, and this gives fans a chance to check out how their team is looking this season.

Although it is early in the season still, the opening round of matches is a good place to start when considering who might have a chance to win the World Series when the end of the season arrives.

As well as looking at how MLB teams have performed so far to gauge this, it is also worth checking out MLB World Series odds and predictions in 2022.

These enable you to collect some information on which teams might be on course to really turn in some awesome performances in the future and make a World Series bow.

But which franchises look most likely to do so at present?

LA Dodgers

If you look around any sportsbook right now or talk to most baseball fans, the Dodgers seem to be a hot pick for the World Series in 2022. Although it is tricky to say for sure they will win, their line-up this season is so impressive that you have to consider them.

This includes multiple batters on their roster who hit at least 20 homers last year and having people such as previous MVP Cody Bellinger to rely on.

Of course, the Dodgers move for Freddie Freeman only made them stronger and tougher to beat. With Kershaw, Urias and Buehler starring at pitcher for the team still, they look to have what it takes to win the World Series in 2022.

If they can handle the pressure of being clear front-runners and keep their main players fit, they should have a very good chance.

Toronto Blue Jays

One team that looks likely to mount a challenge for the World Series in 2022 is the Blue Jays. They are well behind the Dodgers in terms of odds but are still part of the pack chasing them down. Although they have had a slightly inconsistent start to 2022, they have enough talent on their roster to improve their form as the season unfolds.

The loss of Robbie Ray was undoubtedly a blow, and this might be what they are coming to terms with right now. Just as when David Price left in 2016 though, the team will find a way to recover.

The addition of 2021 All-Star Kevin Gausman should be an inspired move and Hyun-Jin-Ryu should also impress. With existing star names such as Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr also in Toronto, they have enough power to trouble most teams.

As unvaccinated players cannot play in the city of Toronto, the Blue Jays’ home games could turn out to be easier than expected in some cases.

NY Yankees

With a record 27 World Series wins overall, the Yankees are well versed in what it takes to lift the ultimate prize in MLB. They haven’t won since 2001 though and this leads many fans to believe 2022 is the year that this will be put right. But what is there to signal a Yankees renaissance?

Their opening three-game series against the Red Sox went well and their 2-1 victory should set them up for a decent season overall. In terms of talent, they also look to be a much better unit in 2022 and are poised to hopefully end the inconsistencies of 2021.

Adding people such as Marwin Gonzalez, for example, brings a lot of versatility to the locker room and he should gel with other more defensive-minded signings such as Josh Donaldson.

With great power in their batting line-up and upgrades to what was already a decent pitching unit, expect the men in pinstripes to do well in 2022.

World Series in 2022 – who might win it?

It goes without saying that, at this point in the season, you can make a case for lots of MLB teams making a World Series bid. It won’t be until a few months till we can begin to say with more certainty which teams look like the real deal in 2022.

The ones listed above though appear to have what it takes. The Astros are likely to be extra motivated to do well in 2022 after their disappointment in 2021.

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