Who would the perfect striker be for the current Manchester United team?

Many contracts are ending, and fans are starting to wonder if there will be any major transfers. Already rumours are flying about and considering Man Utd’s dismal Premier League season, fans will be happy for a shake up to the team to get them out of this rut.

Those who visit seatpick.com/manchester-united-tickets for tickets to the latest Man Utd match want to see the team back at the summit of the league. A striker will go a long way to help.

We’re breaking down the perfect striker that Man Utd can take into their team.

From the Liverpool team

Mohamed Salah. Source: Sky Sports
Mo Salah. Credit: bleacherreport.com

If we’re taking individual players for their skill and experience alone, you have to look to Liverpool FC for the cream of the crop. Liverpool might be in second place at the Premier League right now, but their best players are on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Three of them – Mo Salah, Diogo Jota, and Sadio Mane – make up the six top scorers in the league, with Salah at the top with 20 goals scored this season. Man Utd’s Cristiano Ronaldo is fifth, matching Mane in goals but with one more assist. Perhaps another quality player is exactly what Man Utd need to climb the table next season.

And we know Mo Salah is looking. Or rather, we know he’s getting offers. The man has flip-flopped through the entire season like a bad date, committing and then pulling away from Liverpool. He’s been flirting with Barcelona, but can Man Utd steal him away?

From the Tottenham Hotspur team

Harry Kane. Credit: welovespurs.com

Tottenham Hotspur is the personification of the lesson that the players does not, a team, make. Two Tottenham stars make up the five top scorers in the league, and yet they are in fifth place in the Premier League.

But that might lead the two of them to rethink their position. If they’ve had an entire season of carrying the team on their backs with no results for it, they might start elsewhere. We speak of course, of the duo of Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane.

South Korean striker Heung-Min has the highest shot accuracy in the Premier League, beating even Mo Salah for that title, although his comparison of 13 goals scored to Salah’s 20 is no comparison. Just a goal behind is Kane with 12, who has been batting off transfer offers with a stick.

And who is at the front of the queue? Why, Man Utd of course. It’s rumoured that his £100 million+ contract will be done with a swap to Tottenham for Anthony Martial. Make of that what you will.

From the Manchester City team

Riyad Mahrez. Credit: sbnation.com

What would be anymore delicious than stealing your rival and neighbour’s players for your own advantage? Even if there is no skill as a contributing factor it’s a tasty thought.

What makes it even more scrumptious is that Man City are at the top of the Premier League right now, very close to claiming the championship for themselves. If you’re going to swipe players from an opposing team, you might as well swipe from the team that is doing the best in the league.

This is why we’re looking at Riyad Mahrez for the striker position. The Algerian has scored 10 goals for Manchester City in this season alone, landing him eighth on the top scorers’ table. And there are whispers that he’s looking elsewhere. Apparently, Barcelona has approached him, as well as Chelsea and PSG. So, maybe there’s too much competition there. You don’t get the best without a fight, or a fat wallet.

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