Why are rookies looking to copy Charles Leclerc over Hamilton and Verstappen?

Jock Clear, the only Formula 1 driver coach, is well known for his work with the Ferrari Driver Academy.

He has worked with several key drivers including Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc.

At the moment, Jock is working with Mick Schumacher by helping him train for his rookie season.

Clear talks about his role at FDA

Charles Leclerc; Source: theguardian.com

”Drivers need a basic understanding of the data,” he said. 

“The good guys will start interpreting the data and realising what is happening to the car. 

“So the work is very talkative, we explain a lot to the drivers, what they see in the data and what it means for them.”

Leclerc is the perfect role model

Jock Clear stated that Leclerc is a great candidate for inspiring young drivers at Ferrari Driver Academy.

Clear also mentioned that every driver who comes to the academy is already a great driver.

“Everyone at the level we are working at are very good drivers. We don’t have to explain to them how to take a curve or apply the brakes,” he said. 

“Because anyone who comes to the Ferrari Driver Academy is very, very good at what they do.”

Leclerc is a world class driver

Jock Clear; Source: autosport.com

Clear was asked about Leclerc being a world class driver.

“His development at Ferrari over the past two years has been enormous. And that’s great for the young drivers. Michael and Lewis are already icons. We’re talking about the best ever,” he stated.

“But the young drivers can find themselves in Charles. He was in the Ferrari Driver Academy, was Ferrari Junior, and has now grown into one of the best in the field.

“Our young drivers see this and find themselves in it because they are also going this way. He’s a good role model.”

Can Leclerc grab another win?

Ever since Monza in 2019, Leclerc has not won a single race. However, in 2021, he managed to score back-to-back poles with his Ferrari.

Charles currently drives a car that can counter the frontrunners and finish the race in points easily.

We can only wait and see how the 2021 season will turn out for the Ferrari driver.

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