Why did Michael Schumacher force an F1 return even though his manager called it the ‘stupidest’ thing to do?

Many believe that Michael Schumacher is the greatest driver of all time. The legendary German driver graced the sport from 1991 to 2006 and won seven world titles.

However, he returned to the sport in 2010 to widespread excitement. However, he failed to make the most of his second foray in the sport and was unable to add to his 91 race wins. In fact, he only managed to record one podium finish at Mercedes.

It is often the case that a comeback from retirement never quite materialises the way a star athlete would imagine. Many drivers had cast their doubts about his return back then and they continue to speak about this till date.

It is, after all, one of Formula 1’s greatest debates.

Should Schumacher have made a return to F1 in 2010?

Planet F1 reported that Schumacher’s last manager during his previous stint Willi Weber himself was taken aback by the decision of the legendary German driver.

In a candid conversation, Weber disclosed that the only reason Schumacher came back to F1 was to fight boredom.

Michael Schumacher. Credit: dnaindia.com

“Let’s say this was, even in hindsight, the stupidest thing he could do. He told me he was bored, he had to drive.

“Then I say, ‘Michael, what do you want? You can only lose and you can’t win anymore and you won everything, you are the best racer in the world.

“You stand on the highest pedestal that exists and you can only lose now.’ But, he just didn’t want to hear it.” 

Weber thought he had done enough to put off the comeback when he told Michael that he would not be willing to travel with him to across the world.

Schumacher, though, was intent on returning to the grand stage. He decided not to renew his partnership with Weber.

Schumacher laid the stepping stones for Mercedes

While Schumacher’s return is not laden with winners’ medals and trophies, he was one of the pioneers of an era that would soon see Mercedes dominance.

Michael Schumacher. Credit: planetf1.com

His guidance with respect to the engineers is undoubtedly spoken of in high regard even today.

Schumacher finally called time on his career, once and for all, in 2012.

Any slim prospect of a return completely vanished when he was involved in a skiing accident in 2013. he has been in medical care since then.

His legacy is carried on through his son Mick, who races for Haas F1.

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