Why does Fernando Alonso race with number 14?

Back in 2004, Formula 1 saw some interesting developments in the sport with the introduction of the turbo-hybrid power units.

These engines are coincidently still in use even today. In addition to this, drivers were also allowed to choose a number they wish to race with.

The reigning champion of the time, Sebastian Vettel decided to go with 5 while 2006 champion Fernando Alonso went with the number 14.

In a recent video, Alonso revealed the exact reason why he decided on the number 14. He also mentioned that the number has a special significance in his life.

14 is my number: Fernando Alonso

Back in 2005 and 2006, Alonso won the F1 title driving for Renault. The following season he got #1 for his car.

But subsequently, after joining Alpine, he began to race with his preferred number 14.

“When I was 14 years old, the 14 of July and with a go-kart with the number #14, I was world champion. From that moment on, I had no doubt that #14 is my number,” said Fernando.

Criticism proved to be a blessing

According to F1.com, Alonso rejoined F1 with Alpine this season. Since he was out of the sport for two seasons, there were several speculations about his performance this season.

During the early races, he faced a lot of criticism too which he revealed that he took as a blessing.

By the start of the summer break, however, Alonso was able to up his game.

What did Alonso say?

“They were a blessing because I knew it was only a matter of time before people appreciated if I finished a race in 10th place,” said Alonso.

“Had I always been in front of [team mate Esteban] Ocon, had I always been in the points, they [the critics] would have said what they’ve said throughout my career, which is that my teammate was not at the same level and that the car had more potential, but that I was missing out.

Then, if suddenly they think I am done, they appreciate anything I accomplish much more. Some races were not great, like France, for example, where I finished ninth. It was a good race, but nothing special. But it was considered to be a super performance because I was doing good races again. It was a good thing.” explained Alonso.

At the moment, Alonso trails his teammate Esteban Ocon by 1 point.

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