Why does Monaco Grand Prix feature no F1 action on Friday?

Every year, there is one day when the schedule for the F1 weekend is different just before the race in Monaco.

When the paddock arrives in Monte Carlo, the drivers take to the track on Thursday rather than Friday due to a long-standing tradition.

Monte Carlo, Monaco. Source: gpfans.com

Going back to the year 1929, the race was held on the same week as the Feast of the Ascension. The drivers took to the track on Thursday leaving Friday as a mandatory day of rest.

As of today, the organisers give various reasons why the cars don’t ply on the streets on Friday. Some of the reasons include supplying the hospitality industry along with a rest day for Monte Carlo residents.

No longer a rest day

However, the rest day no longer is valid as F2 drivers race through the streets on Friday.

Monaco GP aerial view. Source: wikipedia.org

The main reason why F1 takes a break on Friday is for commercial reasons. Around this time of the year, Monte Carlo becomes a hub for racing enthusiasts. The harbour is filled with luxurious boats and the hospitality industry flourishes.

Anyone with some form of a business settles there. With the pandemic going on, things will be different this year. The tradition, however, still remains.

Not the only factor that sets Monaco apart

Another key factor that sets the Monaco Grand Prix different from a standard race is the length of the track. A traditional race has to be a minimum of 305 kilometers.

But in Monaco, the drivers drive for 78 laps, which is just 260 kilometers.

Since this is a city circuit, the pit boxes are smaller and the safety requirements are below that of modern circuits.

Even in 2021, different rules apply to the circuit.

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