Why have Lance Stroll memes taken over the internet? It has nothing to do with the driver!

Aston Martin F1 driver, Lance Stroll has become an internet sensation after a bucket-load of memes have been created following the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix.

The memes have not been created to troll Stroll, but rather to take a dig at the French TV channel, TMC, who was directing the entire race.

What exactly happened?

The circuit in Monaco is complicated as there is little room for overtaking. Around the halfway mark of the race, Sebastian Vettel tried an over-cut against Lewis Hamilton and Pierre Gasly.

This happened as the German entered the pits on his soft tyres.

After his pit-stop, Vettel left the pitlane and was met by the AlphaTauri which was right next to him between turns 1 and 2.

The duo was involved in a wheel-to-wheel race but fans were left disappointed after TMC went on to show a replay of Lance Stroll brushing the barriers down at turn 15.

Surprisingly, this replay had already been shown previously.

And thus, the memes were born

David Croft, who was the commentator at the moment exclaimed, “What has happened? We need to know who’s gonna come out in front”.

Considering the unlucky timing of the cut, fans took the opportunity to create memes on the issue featuring Lance Stroll.

All memes followed the same format. An intense action taking place between two drivers and just at the crucial moment, the video is cut to show Stroll’s car grazing the barriers.

Is Formula 1 to be blamed?

Sebastian Vettel battles it out with Pierre Gasly in Monaco; Source: essentiallysports.com

Formula 1 does not have any control over what is being broadcast in Monaco. The French TV channel, TMC is the decision-maker of what is to be shown.

Formula 1 lets other channels take control over the broadcast even for other races.

For instance, BBC is responsible for Silverstone while Fuji Television is for Suzuka, Japan.

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