Wild video of Diego Sanchez’s training session surfaces on the internet

We have seen snippets of Diego Sanchez’ eccentric training sessions with coach Joshua Fabia from time-to-time. Recently, one such video surfaced on the internet.

The duo has caused quite a ruckus over the past few years which ultimately led to Sanchez’ release from UFC before his scheduled fight with Donald Cerrone this weekend at UFC Vegas 26.

Footage was released last month which showed Fabia bashing UFC’s commentary team for “disrespectful” remarks about Sanchez’ past performances.

Moreover, a phone call was released that featured Fabia and Sanchez asking UFC for medical records. This eventually led to UFC releasing Sanchez on the grounds that he was medically not fit to compete.

Joshua Fabia has received a fair share of criticism for allegedly running Sanchez into the ground since he took over as head coach for “Nightmare”. Sanchez, too, has claimed that he is scared of UFC.

Now, another wild training session between Sanchez and Fabia was the last straw given they were already facing a lot of backlash. The video showcases odd methods used by Fabia that he uses to train his athletes.

It shows Sanchez meditating while hanging upside down while coach Fabia uses Sanchez’s head like a speed bag. Many more bizarre events follow suit after that.

Following his cut from UFC, it will be hard for Sanchez to find another promotion. Bellator has already made it clear that they are not looking to hire “Nightmare”.

Other promotions like Professional Fighters League (PFL) and ONE Championship are yet to offer Sanchez with a contract.

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