Will Buxton backs Sergio Perez to keep Red Bull seat despite growing speculation

With the F1 paddock well into the summer break, the news is brewing that Sergio Perez might not continue with Red Bull in 2022.

This comes after the Mexican has visibly been struggling against teammate Max Verstappen despite claiming a win and a podium.

Red Bull’s team advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko too, has indicated that the outfit is looking at other possible options for the second seat.

Within all the speculations about the second seat with Red Bull, F1 reporter Will Buxton went a step beyond.

He has predicted a complete chart about the future of Red Bull up till 2025.

Buxton predicts Red Bull’s future

While F1 fans might question the validity of these forecasts, they are surely interesting.

According to his ‘just-for-fun’ predictions, Perez will continue with the team till the end of 2022. However, he also claimed that Mercedes will dominate once again which will force Red Bull to let Perez go.

“We’ll start down at Red Bull Racing, wherein my little scenario the team took drivers and constructors glory in 2021 and opted to stick with Sergio Perez for 2022,” he wrote.

“A combination of their focus on the previous year’s successful title fight. And a resurgent Mercedes however, left them struggling to keep up in 2022.”

Red Bull after 2022

Buxton further added that beyond 2022, Red Bull will rope in Lando Norris with an undeniable deal. It does sound impractical considering the Brit’s loyalty to his team.

However, the future is unpredictable.

To make things more interesting, Buxton goes on to predict that Norris will claim his first world championship by 2024.

“At season’s end, Red Bull got the man they’d been eyeing since early 2021 and shocked the paddock by announcing they’d lured Lando Norris away from McLaren. Having paid an eye-watering sum to initiate a break clause in his contract, he gelled with the team immediately,” he said.

“Second in the constructors’ championship in 2023, Verstappen nevertheless takes the drivers’ crown. In 2024 it’s Norris who takes the world championship as Red Bull take back-to-back team wins. They enter 2025 as favorites again,” Buxton added.

Overall, these predictions are not based on any concrete facts and are merely speculations. It would be interesting if these came true though.

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