“Will never be like Lewis”: Verstappen’s manager pokes Hamilton, says driving only priority for Max

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are two of the most dominant drivers currently on the grid. While it is easy to compare the two drivers, Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen thinks that there are a bunch of differences between the two.

While Lewis has managed to build a name for himself, Max is yet to join the club.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Source: planetf1.com

What did Vermeulen say?

“True. First and foremost he needs a world title,” Vermeulen told de Limburger

“In the end it has to happen on the track. It’s going well, but we’re certainly not there yet.

“That’s why the focus is completely on the performance on the track. That’s what we’re here for; those are the conditions we’re trying to create for Max.”

Max Verstappen and Raymond Vermeulen. Source: gpfans.com

Max another Lewis in the making?

Vermeulen also seems to think that Verstappen will not become anything like Hamilton.

“When Lewis was as old as Max, he wasn’t nearly as outspoken as he is now,” he said.

“So it is difficult to estimate that. What is clear is that with Max, what you see is what you get.

“Max is and wants to be a Formula 1 driver in the first place. He will never be like Lewis; in that extreme form. Max is not the person for that.”

Verstappen has to bridge the gap

For the moment, Hamilton’s biggest rival is Verstappen for this season.

The Dutchman has managed to beat the Brit only in Imola. Hamilton, however, has managed to win the other three races.

Mercedes and Red Bull battling it out. Source: planetf1.com

We can only wait and see what the next race has in store for both the drivers.

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