Will Nico Rosberg consider unlikely return to F1? – “You can’t motivate me with money”

Nico Rosberg was among the most prominent drivers of his time, especially known for his rivalry with his old teammate Lewis Hamilton.

While it has been some time since he drove a Formula 1 car, he does participate in the analysis of the sport from time-to-time.

Such was his rivalry with Hamilton that after winning the world title in 2016, he called it quits immediately after.

Rosberg to become a team boss?

Nico Rosberg; Source; planetf1.com

At the moment, Rosberg is often found as a commentator for Sky Sports on track and running his own YouTube channel.

Additionally, he is also the owner of an Extreme-E class racing team, Rosberg X Racing. He even managed to beat his all-time rival Lewis Hamilton in this series.

This raises a credible question – Will we see Rosberg as a team boss someday?

In an interview with Formel1.de, he gives an answer to this question.

What did Rosberg say?

“That doesn’t appeal to me, it would be too much. It’s a full-time job: mornings, afternoons, evenings, all day,” he said.

“When I see how intensively Toto works for the Formula 1 team, that is nothing for me, I want to avoid that in my life.

“I experienced that as a driver, that intensity and dependence, and I don’t want that again,” he concluded.

‘Can’t motivate me with money’

Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton; Source: planetf1.com

Rosberg also goes on to add that money will not be a factor that could motivate him to change his mind.

“You can’t motivate me with money. I have zero interest in that,” he said.

“I have fulfilled my career the way I wanted to, with the world title, and I am happy with my new life. So that thought never came up there, and it never will. That’s over.”

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