Wolff sorry that Aston Martin suffers ‘collateral damage’ for agenda targeting Mercedes

Formula 1 has implemented new aerodynamic regulations for the 2021 season. These have impacted Mercedes and Aston Martin the most.

So much so that Aston Martin team boss Otmar Szafnauer declared that he will be speaking to the FIA. This decision is one that makes perfect sense to Mercedes.

FIA’s new regulations direct cars to reduce their downforce in order to reduce their speed. Cars with a low braking rate have been impacted a lot more than cars with a high braking rate. As a result, Szafnauer wants to understand the exact motive behind these decisions.

Mercedes has also been impacted severely due to these regulations. Hamilton was once almost undisputed but his car is behind Verstappen in terms of speed this season.

Things haven’t been any easier for Aston Martin. Their early season aspirations of a upper midfield battle are beginning to seem far-fetched.

Wolff, as a result, understands Szafnauer’s concerns.

“Because of how the rules have fallen into place last year, one can always question what the motivation was,” he told Autosport.

“I think there is always certainly the right to review and look at things and discuss them with the FIA, to find out what has actually happened, and how have things happened.

“That’s why I respect Aston Martin’s inquiry into the whole thing. Maybe things were targeted at us, and they are collateral damage.”

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