“Focus is on giving him a car he can have fun with”: Alpine pins hopes on Alonso coming good

Currently racing for Alpine, Fernando Alonso made his name when he won the drivers’ championship back in 2005 and 2006, back when he featured at Renault.

He has also driven for McLaren, Ferrari and Minardi. After joining F1, he won the title of the youngest pole-sitter, youngest race winner, youngest world champion, and youngest two-time champion in the sport’s history.

Alonso restarted his career after jumping from Renault to Alpine. In an interview, Renault CEO Luca de Meo revealed why Alonso is a good fit for Alpine.

“The feedback I got [from the Bahrain test] was that it took him about 10 laps to reach the limit of the car and say, ‘this or that doesn’t work’. He gets it right away,” he said.

“Our focus is to give him a car he can have some fun with. And then you never know what will happen in a Grand Prix, right?

“I am not a magician, I do not have a crystal ball. My expectation is that we will get better and better every race. The real challenge starts in 2022, which is not to say we want to have a bad season in 2021.”

The Renault CEO believes that Alonso is the one who will bring Alpine back on top.

“Renault is Fernando’s home, but I want him to use his experience to help us all grow. He has a different role than 15 years ago. He is the Godfather of everybody.

“All I ask of him is to help us become a top team, because it’s about attitude and mentality. And he has that.”

Alonso’s return to Formula 1 was not entirely memorable. He had to end the race early and as a result could not collect valuable points. The 39-year-old is, however, looking forward to the race in Imola.

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