“Can’t sleep all night”: Tsunoda reveals mindset that allowed him to topple Stroll in last lap

Yuki Tsunoda is known for his famous Formula 1 debut which surely left a long lasting impression on all of us and himself. But talking about the weekend at Bahrain, he did not have a great start.

However, the key highlight of his performance was him overtaking Lance Stroll which earned him two points for his team. This made him the first Japanese driver to score points on their F1 debut.

He mentions how the last stint was the best one for him and as compared to the other two stints, this one was with a good pace.

“I passed Stroll at the last lap in the first corner. It was a really late launch, but I decided that if I couldn’t overtake him, I can’t sleep all night tonight,” Tsunoda said.

He also talks about how the last two laps were a struggle owing to dirty air from Stroll. He also ended up making several mistakes but breathed a sigh of relief as he passed Stroll in the last lap.

“Happy, but also a bit disappointed, I think, especially because I thought I lost too many positions in the first lap. Also, it took time to recover the positions.”

Tsunoda mentions that he was aiming too high and ended up disappointed mainly because he saw his teammate doing a better job in the qualifying. However he says,

“But as I say, I’m happy to get points first race, because that is a really positive thing for the team. So I’m not really disappointed. But I would say that I’ve learned a lot of things in this race, obviously.”

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