Zak Brown vouches for Lando Norris among top drivers – “Shown great pace and maturity”

Lando Norris has had a stellar performance this season so far scoring point finishes in every race so far along with two podiums.

His first podium was at the Emilia Grand Prix while the second was at the Monaco Grand Prix where he finished third in both.

According to McLaren CEO, Zak Brown, Lando is as good as anyone else on the grid and can take the outfit to the next level this year.

What did Brown say?

Lando Norris scores podium finish at the Emilia Grand Prix 2021; Source:

While talking about how Daniel Ricciardo is fitting into the team, Zak Brown mentioned how the Australian has a great teammate.

“He’s got a teammate who I think is as fast as anyone on the grid. So he’s got a great bar to race against,” he said.

“Lando has matured really well, he came in as a rookie, and already drove really mature.

“If you look at some of the other rookies that came in, they had a lot of accidents. While they showed speed, they got over the limit one too many times. Lando really hasn’t.

‘Norris still keeps his car on track’

“He’s shown great pace and maturity from the word go,” Brown stated further.

“Then what we asked him to do last year and this year is to actually be a little bit more on the limit, to almost encourage, it’s OK if you go off every once in a while.

“And what we’ve seen is he’s sped up, even more, gotten his elbows out, but he’s still keeping the car on the track, which is great,” he concluded.

McLaren Executive Director, Zak Brown; Source:

Norris’ performance so far

Lando has been pivotal in McLaren’s 2021 campaign considering he has scored points in all of the seven races so far.

Additionally, he has also grabbed two podium finishes, both in third place.

With 76 points under his belt, the Brit stands fourth in the driver’s standings with 76 points.

For now, his sights are set on the two races in Austria, one of which earned him his first-ever podium last season –  a third-placed finish at the 2020 Austrian GP.

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