“A massive surprise”: Ricciardo can’t help but have a pop at teammate following bumper contract

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo joked about teammate Lando Norris’ new contract being a massive surprise.

The Australian joked about the contract situation, and revealed what it is like to have the young British driver as a teammate.

Norris, still 21, extended his stay with McLaren for another two seasons. The talent he possesses is immense, and Ricciardo wasn’t surprised with the proceedings.

Daniel Ricciardo - F1 Driver for McLaren
Daniel Ricciardo (pictured) is full of praise for teammate Lando Norris. Source: formula1.com

Speaking to the press ahead of the Monaco GP, Ricciardo said, “I was gonna joke and be like, it was a massive surprise but no it was I think expected.”

“It’s good for us as a team, Lando started the season really strong and obviously got the podium in Imola. I think the team is really happy with him and what he’s doing. Obviously with us locked in for the future, it’s just all eyes forward.”

Showering praise

Ricciardo also spoke at length about what it was like driving and working with Norris. He commended his progress over the years.

“I wasn’t his teammate last year, so it’s only whatever speculation, but hopefully he stepped up a bit this year,” Ricciardo said.

“He is certainly quick, he seems to be obviously driving very well and he’s comfortable. And I think he’s at that point now, where it’s his third year in F1, third year with the team and that’s where I think you really start to hit your hit your marks, so to speak,” he explained

The British team has a major gem on its hands in Norris. Committing his future to McLaren, the team has sent out a major message to the rest of the paddock. Along with Ricciardo, who is another marquee driver, McLaren seem to be on a massive upward trajectory.

Whisper it quietly, but with some more fine-tuning, they may just be title contenders in the coming seasons.

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