“Career not over yet”: Weidman remains optimistic about making comeback despite suffering broken leg

At the UFC 261 fight between Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall, the former suffered the worst injury any fighter could ever imagine.

The fighter, while landing a side kick to his opponent Uriah, injured and broke his leg due to the impact that led to an immediate shutdown to the contest between the two. Weidman was carried off the octagon in a stretcher, as his fans hoped for his speedy recovery.

The incident has made his fans around the world quite skeptical about his comeback. However, this has not stopped fans from hoping that they will get to see their favourite fighter  flaunt his skills in the octagon once again. 

Weidman himself is not ready to leave yet. He is very optimistic about a comeback in the future.

In a recent interview with ESPN, the fighter suggested that he is trying his best to get back to his previous form and walk into the Octagon for another fight. 

“If I can get my body back to where I feel like I’m that guy again, I 100 percent want to fight.I want to be able to demonstrate the talents I have and put on a show and also be able to inspire other people,” he said.

“Coming back from this is not gonna be easy, and it’s way tougher of a recovery already the first 10 days than I could have ever imagined. So it’s gonna be a long, long road.

“I’m not gonna be able to walk for, I think, two months, put weight on it and stuff, so I am completely bedridden.

“My foot still hasn’t had complete feeling come back yet, so the bottom of my foot and some of the toes are still almost like your foot fell asleep. There’s no telling with nerves how long they take to come back or if they ever come back.

He further continued, “It may never come back. So that’s not a good thing because I think I was talking to my surgeon or another doctor and they were saying for athletes, like the proprioceptors in your foot are super valuable obviously.

“I need to get that feeling back in my foot. I could move my toes, I could feel they’re there, they’re just not normal. They’re still like sleeping. So I’m hoping that goes back.”

Hopefully, Weidman experiences a very speedy recovery and is able to walk up to the Octagon and win over his fans with his impressive blows yet again !

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