F1 marshal who ‘hoped’ for Hamilton to crash quits job at Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

An F1 marshal working at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix who had recently tweeted that he wished Hamilton would suffer a crash has quit his job.

The man in question had said that he hoped Hamilton would suffer a crash similar to Romain Grosjean’s life-threatening incident in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The timing of his resignation as marshal has added to the controversy of a nearby fuel depot being set alight on Friday.

It is believed that an extremist Islamic group targeted an Aramico facility just a few miles away from the track. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by Yemen’s rebels amidst their battle with the Saudi government.

It led to speculation that the entire Saudi Arabian Grand Prix could be scrapped.

F1 president Stefano Domenicali called a crisis meeting with all the teams and it was eventually decided that the weekend would go through as per the initial plan.

While Saturday did see qualification go through, tensions have risen since this tweet went viral.

What did the F1 marshal say?

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: thesportsbible.com

The F1 marshal not only used slanderous language by addressing the Mercedes driver as a ‘dog’, but also wished personal tragedy upon him.

This was his response to Hamilton’s recent desire of helping the nation’s human rights record.

Posted along with an image of Hamilton, @Heem4U tweeted, ” “I hope he has an accident like Roman (sic) accident in Bahrain.”

The second message, also addressed to Hamilton, said, “The Saudi authorities do not respond to dogs. If a person saw him, they would have responded to him.”

It goes without saying that Grosjean’s crash in 2020 was one of the most horrific incidents in recent F1 history. While he was lucky to get away without a fatal injury, Grosjean did suffer broken ribs and a burn.

The marshal was involved in other suspicious activity

Recently, @Heem4U had also been part of some other suspicious activity, posting videos of the AlphaTauri pitstop as well as images of F1 trophies from the Jeddah circuit on his personal account.

After race organisers realised what was going on, they confirmed that he ‘has been removed from his post’.

Later, the former marshal apologised for his tweets and confirmed that he would no longer be taking part at the Grand Prix.

In Arabic, he wrote: “I offer my apologies to the Saudi Motorsports and Motorcycle Federation. And for driver Lewis Hamilton. On my previous tweet, I announced (sic) my withdrawal from the ring [race].”

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