Aston Martin offers sharp response to title sponsors’ reservations over Sebastian Vettel’s activism

Aston Martin faced criticism from its title sponsor Aramco, a Saudi Arabian oil company, for driver Sebastian Vettel’s outspoken nature towards environmental issues.

The four-time world champion had recently spoken extensively about Canada’s “climate crime” of oil sands mining at the recent Montreal race.

He was even set to use a specially designed helmet to highlight his thoughts.

However, when Aramco objected to the unnecessary publicity, Vettel was forced to change his plans.

Now, Aramco has put pressure on Aston Martin to get Vettel to be more cautious about his statements.

Will Aston Martin dump Vettel?

Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

But the team has backed Vettel and insisted that they will look to extend his contract in spite of Aramco’s reservations.

“The construction contribution he makes far outweighs any negative vibrations,” team boss Mike Krack said.

“With a driver of the calibre of Sebastian, you have to live with strong opinions. First and foremost, you want a fast racing driver. And with Seb, that’s out of the question for me.

“The pace is still there.

“There aren’t many top racers with that level of experience who still put in that level of work anymore. We are super happy with him and we wish he had signed yesterday.”

As far as Vettel is concerned, Krack believes that the German is still awaiting some clarity over whether the team will soon be able to close the gap on the frontrunners.

“If he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, then the decision is much easier for him,” he said.

“Sebastian Vettel doesn’t race for 17th place.”

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