Bottas unhappy with Stroll after Australian GP incident – “That’s not how you should race”

Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas believes that Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll drove in an “unacceptable manner” during the Australian Grand Prix.

While Alfa Romeo will be left disappointed with the pace it was able to deliver in Melbourne, Bottas was still very much in with a chance of notching some more points as the race entered its final phase.

He encountered a problem with Stroll at this stage though, and it proved quite detrimental as far as his race was concerned.

Stroll’s driving during the race did catch the stewards’ attention too.

Eventually, he received a five-second time penalty and a point penalty to his superlicense for weaving down the straight.

“On the main straight, Car 18 (Lance Stroll) was ahead of Car 77 (Valtteri Bottas),” the stewards said.

“STR moved right to defend against a potential overtake from BOT. STR returned to the racing line and then moved to the right for a second time to defend from another move by BOT.

“The second move breaches the regulation which prohibits more than one change of direction to defend a position.”

Bottas was not content with this though and felt Stroll directly contributed to him being driven off the track and dipping his wheel in the gravel.

Bottas still content with final result

While the stewards did take note of that, they decided that no further penalty was necessary.

“Yeah, the weaving just made it very hard for me to decide where to go, it was a bit on the limit,” Bottas said.

“And yeah that pass, obviously forced me to go off the track, so I don’t think that’s how you should race.

“But I still managed to get through and I think that cost me a bit of time for sure, maybe Esteban [Ocon] could still have been otherwise reachable, but still, four points is not bad.”

Bottas revealed that overall, he was content with the result of the race.

“Yeah absolutely, from start to finish just pushing flat out and fighting,” he said.

“Sometimes I dropped one or two places and then managed to get it back, so overall I think it was a good race, good strategy.

“Bit unlucky with the Safety Car because we stopped just before it, but other than that it was okay.”

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