Brown names Mercedes, Red Bull as culprits in budget cap issue – “Some teams still look for excuses”

McLaren CEO Zak Brown named Mercedes and Red Bull as the culprits in the budget cap issue the sport faces at the moment.

According to a report from Corriere dello Sport, there are two teams who are opposing the proposed budget for 2022. Those two teams are ironically the biggest teams in the sport in Mercedes and Red Bull, with the two giants not happy with the amount capped.

F1 has set the budget cap at $140 million, down $5 million from 2021. In these uncertain times, more money would be a good thing, but while the other teams have accepted it, it is a surprise to see these two remain firm in their opposition.

Brown named Mercedes and Red Bull as the culprits in the budget cap issue the sport is dealing with before the new season begins in earnest.

“Some teams still look for excuses to raise the cost cap and win World Championships with chequebooks,” Brown wrote in a pre-season column on McLaren’s website.

Max Verstappen ahead of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in sprint qualifying at the British GP. Silverstone July 2021.
Red Bull and Mercedes are the two teams against the budget cap. Source:

“The ongoing lobbying by certain teams to increase the cost cap for sprint race damage is a continuing example.”


“The Saturday sprint race initiative by Formula 1 has added new viewers and raised the profile of the sport to expand its global fanbase,” the American continued.

“However, these teams continue to demand a raise to the cost cap by an inordinate amount of money, despite the clear evidence that little damage was incurred during these races last year, in a thinly veiled attempt to protect from their competitive advantage being eroded.”

Brown also revealed that the deadlock over the budget cap is threatening to end the plan for six sprint races in 2022. If Mercedes and Red Bull do not agree to the budget cap, the idea may die a premature death.

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