F1 team boss wants Hamilton to retire and “make room for a youngster”

Williams team boss Jost Capito revealed he “doesn’t really care” if seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton returns to F1 or not.

Hamilton’s future is up in the air after the 2021 season finale. It was an absolute shambles and one that cost him a surefire eighth world championship. What looked like a record-breaking end to the season became a tale of heartbreak and robbery.

The aftermath of what happened at Yas Marina has seen the seven-time world champion bask in his silence and Mercedes unsure if he will return to the sport. It is something that is very much left to be resolved.

However, Capito revealed he “doesn’t really care” if Hamilton returns to F1 or not, saying even he could make way for another driver if needed.

“Personally I don’t really care if he drives or not,” he told RTL, as quoted by grandpx.news.

“It really doesn’t matter at all. It’s always said that there aren’t enough places for young drivers, so I think if someone has been world champion seven times, he’s actually done enough and could make room for a youngster. Why not?”

Capito thinks someone else could step up in place of Hamilton. Source: grandpx.news

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“As far as I’m concerned, it would be bad for George (Russell, Hamilton’s new teammate),” the German continued.

“Because then he couldn’t beat Lewis and I think he would like to beat Lewis.

“George is no longer a rough diamond – he’s a partially cut diamond. He still has some potential to bring out. He can certainly keep developing and improving at Mercedes.

“We have remember that he’s been a Mercedes driver for years. He’s also very good in the simulator and he’s been in the Mercedes factory for a while now. It’s not like he will get in the car and it’s completely new to him.

“I very much doubt that Lewis will be thinking ‘I’m sure I can beat George from the start’. From my perspective it will certainly be exciting,” he concluded.

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