FIA makes sweeping changes to rules with points update; Masi to get job that is ‘more suitable’

A number of changes have been made to the existing rules heading into the upcoming Formula 1 season.

This time around, more points will be on offer for sprint qualifying. Apart from this, significant changes have been made to the rules with regard to weather-affected races.

The announcement was made by new FIA CEO Mohammed Ben Sulayem at his first F1 Commission meeting as supremo.

Successful sprint qualifying last year has paved the way for three such events to be included in the 2022 campaign.

Starting off with a qualifying session session on Friday, a 100-kilometer sprint race will take place on Saturday.

The three venues that will host these sprint races are the Emilia Romagna GP at Imola (round 4); the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring (round 11); and the Brazilian GP (round 22) at Interlagos.

More points up for grabs

While last year only the top 3 were awarded points, the top 8 will benefit from the results this year. The points awarded will be inverse from 8 to 1.

In simpler words, the driver that finishes first will get 8 points, second will get 7 points all the way till the eighth position, who will get a point for his efforts.

F1 cars starting grid

FIA hopes that this will lead to drivers having a greater desire to perform at these sprint races. A knock-down effect of that would be more action-packed moments for fans.

While this is all aimed at finding a bigger and better market for the brand of F1 to grow, there is some positive news for purists as well.

This season, the fastest lapper on Friday will be awarded pole position and not the winner of the sprint race.

The Belgian GP was seen as quite a farce by the F1 community in general. Despite only two laps taking place in the race, that too behind a safety car, a winner was declared. This rule has been amended by the FIA.

Now, at least two laps need to be completed in a race without any safety car or virtual car intervention for points to be awarded.

The number of points awarded will be given on a pro-rata basis depending on the number of laps completed. If, for example, less than 25% of the race is completed before getting abandoned, a quarter of the available points will be awarded. If it’s between 25% to 50%, half points will be awarded and if it’s between 50% to 75%, three-quarter points will be up for grabs.

Masi to get the sack

Michael Masi. Credit:

Meanwhile, the future of Michael Masi was also reportedly discussed at the meeting. The championship-deciding race in Abu Dhabi was filled with drama. It left many analysts and fans in disbelief.

It is rumoured that the members of FIA are, in majority, in agreement that Masi messed up. It is reported that they will replace him as race director and find him a more ‘suitable’ role.

What do you think about the new rules? Will it make things more appealing or is it getting a bit too complicated?

Let us know in the comments below!

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