George Russell blasts FIA regulation for forcing him to retire from British GP despite doing ‘the right thing’

The British Grand Prix is one of the most awaited events on England’s sporting calendar.

Mercedes has built a formidable following here given the success of Stevenage-born Lewis Hamilton.

But, the opening lap of this year’s edition saw an outpour of emotion from fans towards his teammate George Russell.

A collision with rookie Zhou Guanyu meant that Russell’s magnificent record of eight straight finishes in the top-5 came to an end, but the manner in which this happened left the driver extremely frustrated.

While Russell was not injured and could even drive his Mercedes W13 following the crash, a FIA regulation meant that he was not allowed to continue his own race.

Viewers watched the two cars collide and saw Zhou smashing into the barriers in the aftermath.

Russell was not hurt but the severity of the incident meant red flags were immediately brought out.

His car was well and truly capable of continuing, as was Russell himself, but he was forced to retire from the race.

As is natural, Russell jumped out of his car and immediately went to check up on Zhou following the incident.

After this, he didn’t drive his car back to the car for potential repairs.

This was then followed by a flatbed truck which was used to reprimand Russell and disqualify him from the race.

How did Russell react?

George Russell. Credit:

Russell was visibly frustrated with how things panned out.

“I jumped out of the car to see if Zhou was ok. I saw it was red flagged straight away. When I came back to the car I couldn’t quite get it started for whatever reason so I ran back to the team to check,” he said.

“I told the marshals to leave the car and when I got back it was on the back of the flatbed. As soon as you get assistance you can’t restart.

“We are trying [to appeal] but they are pretty adamant, the FIA. It’s one of those unique scenarios.”

The one silver lining from the entire matter was the fact that Zhou did not suffer any serious injuries.

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