Honda goes back on decision to leave F1 – “Been forced to rethink plans”

Honda has gone back on their decision to leave F1, saying they will continue to remain in F1 for the near future.

Honda announced that they would leave F1 at the end of the 2021 season after winning the Drivers’ Championship with Red Bull. They are no strangers to success given their illustrious history in the sport, but they decided to step away from the sport again.

The victory with Red Bull was hence all the more enthralling and monumental for the Japanese manufacturer. They were about to leave F1 sharing their expertise with their recent partners, but they have now taken a U-turn.

Honda has gone back on their decision to leave F1, saying they would be on the grid for the next few years.

Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko said, “We have now also found a completely different solution to the one originally envisaged.

“The engines will be manufactured in Japan until 2025, we will not touch them at all. That means that the rights and all these things will remain with the Japanese, which is important for 2026 because it makes us newcomers.”

Honda will be in F1 for the near future. Source:

Forced a rethink

“In the course of our ever greater successes, a certain rethinking has taken place among the Japanese. And also that they could of course use the battery knowledge for their electrification phase,” he continued.

“It was initially planned that they would only make our motors for 2022. Now it has been decided that this will continue until 2025, which is of course a huge advantage for us.

“This means we only have to make fine adjustments and calibrations.”

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