Johansson predicts fan boycott of F1 – “Hard to get enthusiastic when stupid things keep happening”

Former F1 driver Stefan Johansson claimed that hardcore fans would boycott F1 if things like what happened at Abu Dhabi keep happening.

F1 politics reared its ugly head at the title-deciding Abu Dhabi GP. There, the FIA intervened to make a Safety Car decision that is one of the easiest things to do. However, that time they chose to break the rules and add a little spin to the situation.

The call ended up changing the complexion of the race completely and altering the world championship result. It ended up earning the wrath of many fans, who were aghast at the authorities bottling standard procedure.

Due to the bizarre ending, Johansson claimed fans would boycott F1 soon, saying that such flabbergasting decisions were tarnishing the sport.

“I just wish the season could have been decided in a fair way,” he wrote in his blog,” as quoted by

“I’ve had messages from so many people within the racing industry and they mostly say that was the last F1 race they will ever watch. We all love the sport, but it’s hard to get enthusiastic when stupid things like that keep happening.”

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi.v1
Lewis Hamilton (pictured) was robbed by the FIA. Source:


“There is a definite split though,” he explained.  

“The people watching that are more fans than actually in the business, they all loved the way it finished, and all the people that are in the business are really upset and are all talking about tuning out and not bother watching anymore.

“From the point of view of Liberty (Media, F1 rights holders), I think it’s quite clear who the winner of the two will be. I just hope there will be a sensible balance going forward.”

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