Lewis Hamilton makes game-changing request to FIA in a bid to rectify dodgy rules and appease stalwart fans

The manner in which the 2021 F1 championship ended left seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton bitterly disappointed.

More recently, a similar incident occurred at the Italian Grand Prix that has divided opinions among the sport’s fans once again.

On the back of this, Alpine Sporting Director Alan Permane has suggested that the FIA needs to make a definitive change to its rules.

With just a few laps to run in the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc looked like he had a more than decent chance of usurping Max Verstappen.

However, what might have been one of the most exciting finishes to a race this season was cut short after Daniel Ricciardo’s car stopped and a safety car had to be introduced.

The race eventually ended with drivers behind the safety car and one couldn’t help but find a lot of similarity to the incident involving Hamilton and Verstappen just a year ago.

Ricciardo’s car was expected to be removed by stewards, but since it was stuck between two corners, a crane had to be used.

This meant that while drivers felt they would get the chance to restart the race amidst regular conditions after changing their tyres, things did not quite transpire that way.

Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: planetf1.com
Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: planetf1.com

Instead, the race was completed with all cars running behind the safety car.

For such events not to repeat themselves and take anything away from the overall fan experience and aura of being the pinnacle of motorsport racing, Permane offered some suggestions.

“It sounds like you have a six-lap sprint, everyone has fresh tires and we go,” Permane said.

“There will be some unintended consequences but it’s happened before, we did it in Baku last year and it was good.

“I guess you can write that into the rules, it doesn’t sound crazy. I’m sure there will be something we don’t like but we’re here to put a show on and that clearly wasn’t acceptable.”

The manner in which the race ended must have given the entire Mercedes crew a vivid flashback of the season-defining race in Abu Dhabi.

What did Hamilton and Toto say?

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff. Credit: planetf1.com
Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff. Credit: planetf1.com

Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff also offered some advice on how the FIA should proceed.

Hamilton said that the FIA should look into extending the race by a few laps if such an incident repeats itself.

The Stevenage-born driver’s recommendation stems from the rules of the British Touring Car Championship, a league in which his brother participates.

For Wolff, Permane’s suggestion holds the highest value, only that he didn’t want the race to be red-flagged purely for the purpose of “having a show for one lap”.

Perhaps all three options seem better than the manner in which the current rules run, and fans and racers will hope the FIA takes note.

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