Verstappen continues relentless digs at DTS with Keeping Up With The Kardashians jibe; Offers a solution to improve show

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has continued his relentless criticism of Netflix docuseries Drive to Survive following the release of its fourth installment.

Essentially, the show looks to cover the behind-the-scenes action that takes place in the paddock.

In what was a first in F1, it was initially met with a great reception.

Although it does get rather dramatic at times, it allowed the sport to tap into a new market and undeniably increase its appeal.

The biggest impact that the show has enjoyed till now is from the United States, a market that it desperately wanted to tap into under owners Liberty Media.

Such has been the aura of the show that in the first week of its release in the United States, it was watched by 8.4 million fans on Netflix after which more than a million watched the season-opener live on TV.

What did Verstappen say?

Max Verstappen. Credit:

However, season 4 was certainly not the best received one till now.

There had been plenty of talk from drivers in the past regarding manufactured drama in the show, with Verstappen openly calling it “fake“.

It made Norris seem far worse than he was through a forced rivalry with Ricciardo. According to Verstappen, ‘Norris looked like a d***, which he isn’t at all‘.

Reputed movie rating website Rotten Tomatoes had the show at an 89% rating in the first season.

The fourth season saw this figure crash to 17%.

Now, in yet another dig aimed at the show, Verstappen compared it to Keeping up with the Kardashians.

“I saw the benefit initially of course you get more popularity, but for me now I think you reach a stage where it’s a bit more like ‘Keeping up with the Formula One world’ if you know my reference,” he said.

“I think it shouldn’t be like that. It’s better just to make a season review by F1 itself, that’s why it’s nicer to look at. But that’s my opinion.”

Other drivers also have a problem with DTS

Pierre Gasly. Credit:

Verstappen isn’t the only driver to have a serious problem with how things are depicted in the show.

AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda was also heavily focused on throughout the last season, with his personality coming into question after he was forced to relocate to Italy by Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko.

His teammate Pierre gasly was equally embarrassed to see how he had been depicted in front of millions worldwide.

“I don’t know how they [Netflix] get on with other guys. I think on our side with Yuki [Tsunoda], which is what I can compare, it was kind of normal,” he added.

“But obviously as a driver, you don’t want to be portrayed differently than the person you are in reality. I think that’s the main thing that we ask for.”

Netflix recently announced its decision to make a fifth season, following claims by Liberty Media that season four was a “huge success“.

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