Mazepin opens up about “very scary” F1 debut and why he is confident 2022 will be different

Haas driver Nikita Mazepin feels confident of having a good 2022 season after his “very scary” first F1 race in Bahrain.

Mazepin had an absolutely disastrous rookie season. When the worst part of his season was not scoring zero points, you know it’s a very poor situation to be in.

The Russian driver has been renewed for 2022, however, which means he will remain in F1 with Haas. He will be thinking the same thing as most fans are, and that is the fact that surely his next season cannot possibly be worse than the one that concluded.

However, Mazepin insisted that he was very confident of a good 2022 season, and has come a long way after his “very scary” first F1 race.

“I had a few good battles this year with some faster cars, and felt comfortable,” the Haas driver said, as quoted by

“For me (when I’m) mainly fighting (against) people, I need to know exactly where my rear wing ends, and where the front wing ends, so I know exactly how to position my car next to them.

Mazepin (pictured) is confident about a good 2022. Source: Haas

“I feel like I have that confidence. I remember it was very scary in the first race in Bahrain, because the car’s very long and wide. But now I’m in a good place.”

Keeping hopes

“Driving a more balanced car, a more predictable car, should make it easier and more enjoyable,” he continued.

“Because ultimately, for me, when I turn up to the racetrack, it’s about going through that purpose of myself, and going through racing, and actually feeling like you can influence the result.

“But at the moment, even if it is a good weekend, finishing in front of my teammate, (in) P19, it’s a bit difficult to go home satisfied.”

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