Local Miami residents launch last-ditch effort to cancel Grand Prix; Judge demands ‘tangible’ evidence

A lot has been made of the inclusion of Miami as a venue for a Formula 1 race this year.

While some believe this could soon become an iconic racetrack itself over the next decade, there are also others who don’t quite see the value in adding this particular race to the calendar.

Liberty Media had made it clear during its takeover that expanding the popularity of the sport in the North American continent was one of its primary objectives.

In that respect, they have a lot to thank Netflix for, with the docuseries Drive to Survive giving F1 unprecedented popularity in the USA.

Its impact and the gripping Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton rivalry last year can’t be undermined when it comes to attracting new audiences.

While F1 races are usually followed by fans attending the event from across the world, local Miami residents are far from happy with the announcement of this race.

In fact, they have launched a last-ditch effort in a bid to scrap the event altogether.

Why do the residents have a problem?

The Miami circuit. Credit: thesportsrush.com

Hard Rock Stadium is set to host the race and residents have taken to court with concerns over the “excessive noise” that they will have be forced to bear.

It is worth noting that the city officials themselves accepted a multimillion-dollar deal only a year ago to include Miami on the calendar for the next decade.

Lawyers have already been summoned to the court and said that preparations are too far along to make any last-minute changes.

They have also assured residents that an “extensive sound mitigation system has been installed”.

They have made an appeal to judge Alan Fine that the residents are only creating “an emergency of their own making”.

Judge Alan Fine has informed residents that they would need to produce tangible evidence that this race can “cause them harm” which is “unavoidable in all circumstances”.

This will, of course, be tough to produce on time and it is expected that the Grand Prix will go ahead as per the original schedule.

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