Red Bull unhappy with 2022 Honda engine – “Performance not yet the same as in 2021”

Red Bull is unhappy with the 2022 Honda engine, saying that it is yet to show the performance of the previous power unit.

2022 will see new regulations come into the sport. As a result, the cars and everything associated with them will undergo changes in some capacity. A major change of next year will see F1 switch to a new E10 fuel, dipping power by around 20 horsepower.

Teams are hence struggling to eke out everything from their new power units to compensate for the lack of power. Ferrari and Alpine have reportedly figured a way out, something the Milton-Keynes outfit can’t claim to have done.

Red Bull revealed that they were unhappy with the 2022 Honda engine and said that it was less powerful than its predecessor.

Red Bull team advisor Dr. Helmut Marko commented on the situation, saying, “Honda is working hard on the adaptation.

“What I hear is positive, but the performance is not yet the same as in 2021. You will generally have to wait to see how it looks in racing trim.”

Red Bull and Honda have some work to do. Source: Getty Images

Collaboration in stone

Even though Honda have officially withdrawn from F1, the manufacturer is still involved. They are building power units for Red Bull while also letting them in on the engineering and the technical know-how of the manufacturing process.

In fact, as reported by, Honda’s ties with Red Bull will continue till 2025.

“The declared goal is the world title,” Marko said. “(But) with such a big rule change, you can never be sure.”

“Mercedes and we have the potential, the people and the continuity.

“That speaks again for a fight at the highest level. Especially since there are no other drivers like (Lewis) Hamilton and (Max) Verstappen.”

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