Daniel Ricciardo has hailed Emma Raducunu for winning her Grand Slam title, and compared his 18-year-old self to her.

Radcunu won her first Grand Slam beating some of the most established names in women’s tennis. Her victory was lauded by everyone all over the world, and talked about as an example. Among those people was the McLaren driver himself, who congratulated her for her success.

Ricciardo hailed Raducunu for winning her Grand Slam title, and drew comparisons with what he was at the age of eighteen.

“I love nearly all sports and it’s impressive to see youth perform at such a high level and be able to absorb the pressure, the emotion,” Ricciardo said, as quoted by the BBC.  

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Ricciardo (pictured) heaped praise on Raducanu. Source: Yahoo News

“I can relate, because when I was 18 years old, I was still a baby, I was still pretty immature. So to put yourself in her shoes and be on that stage and not be fazed by it, I think so many people are just in awe of that.

“She has done it very gracefully as well, and done it with a smile, and that’s really warming to people,” he concluded.

More winning

Raducanu’s favourite driver Ricciardo also did some winning recently, taking an emphatic victory at the Italian GP. The Honey Badger’s last win came three years ago at the 2018 Monaco GP. He gave his thoughts on his win, and revealed how happy he was to be in a winning position for a while.

“It had been a while, but so much of it was a familiar feeling,” Ricciardo said.

“That was the most rewarding part, that it didn’t feel forgotten. I felt calm throughout and I was just excited to be leading a race again and to be in that position.”

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